showgirls in the desert


Vegas is unlike other major cities (LA, New York, Chicago) in that (outside of the strip) most of it looks very much the same. There is no gradual shift off of the strip.

I wanted the photographs to give a glimpse of the best of today’s Vegas— its whimsy, elegance, romance, beauty, history, chance, performance. I immediately thought of showgirls -- the icons of classic Vegas since its beginning. A welcome contrast to the dark or mundane. 

There are real showgirls, and there are fake showgirls. I first came upon the fake showgirls and photographed them (above). The fake showgirls are on streets like Fremont and the strip where they stand for advertising and photo ops. These are not held to the same standards, and lack the grace and elegance of the real thing. 

The real showgirls are, by contrast, classically trained dancers. They are elegant, confident, and command any room. They are beautiful and alluring. They are educated, well-spoken and disciplined. 

In my photographic vision, these real showgirls take viewers on a tour of Vegas’ beauty: the city lights, the desert, the casinos, wedding chapels, palm trees, etc. 

In addition to being playful characters in the photos, the showgirls are symbols of what Nomad will become to Vegas. Nomad is confident, sexy, playful, alluring. Nomad brings life and vibrancy into the cities it inhabits, and is a welcome contrast to the reality of its surroundings. Nomad Las Vegas has the opportunity to be the showgirl in the desert, a light in that darkness. The contrast that will bring life. 

This is what I see in my photos.  I believe they capture the best of what Vegas offers.